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ALL tryouts are held at Chelan Community Gym



Kahiau VBC will hold open tryouts each year to select players for our teams. Our tryouts will comply with Evergreen Region policies that include player pre-registration, tryout date guidelines and tryout fees.

Tryout Preparation:

* RENEW if returning or SIGN UP as a New Member with USA Volleyball - go back to "TRYOUTS" Tab

* Be sure to get there early. Fifteen minutes before the scheduled start time is best.

* Contact us to let us know if you will be arriving late because you are coming from another tryout. 

* Wear something colorful or bright so that coaches can identify you even if they can’t see your number.

* Let the lead tryout coach know if you are trying out while injured or have to leave early for whatever reason.

* Talk to us before or after tryouts as much as you want! We value the opportunity to answer any of your questions.


Playing Up:

This is referring to a player playing in an older age group rather than their natural age group. This will be decided upon on an individual basis by the Board of Directors. Things to consider are: what is best for club, what is best for the team, what is best for the athlete.


The Selection Process:

Teams will consist of a minimum of 9 and no more than 12 athletes. We will have multiple coaches evaluating players during our tryouts. Each year during tryouts we consider every athlete as a prospective player of KahiauVBC. Each year we will hold an open tryout. Returning players will be given the same consideration that new players are given. Kahiau VBC will field the most competitive teams possible, which means the top 9-12 athletes will be given positions on these teams. We will evaluate as best as we can during the duration of the tryout. Selection will be based upon the following criteria:

* A player’s performance during the tryout - skill level, effort, competitiveness and interaction with other athletes.

* Our perception of that player’s athletic potential – what she may be able to do over the course of the season.

* Our perception of the coachability of the player.

* Evaluations of players during the past club season, camps or the current high school season.

* Being in good standing with the Kahiau VBC and USA Volleyball.

* Past history of parental involvement or behavior. Board members and coaches children will be treated the same as the other athletes trying out.



ALL athletes, and/or parent (depending upon what contact phone number we are given), will be notified within 24 hours with the results of the try-out. With this first call the player and her parents will be asked to verbally commit to the team. The verbal commitment is not binding but will be formalized on the commitment day and then with the signature of the letter of intent and the team fee deposit.


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